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Compo Soil

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Turn Food Waste & Bio-plastics into Compost

Compo Soil is the world’s first Food Waste Composting Machine that enables users to turn their food waste into Compost in just three hours – all with the touch of a simple button. This game-changing innovation is the first of its kind to rapidly turn leftovers, such as fruits, fruit peel, fish, meat, noodles, bread, leaves, degradable plastics, and more into Compost which can be utilized in the garden or sent to a recycling processing plant.

Compo Soil makes dealing with waste so simple you'll start looking forward to it!
we believe in giving

It is our responsibility to protect our planet. TOGETHER, WE HAVE ONE COMMITMENT; TO OUR PLANET. Therefore, we give $1 to "Friends of the Earth" when every Compo Soil is sold.

Food Waste is gross, we can do better

NO more smelly, leaky bags, or throwing food scraps away to rot in landfills. With Compo Soil can turn Food Waste into nutrient-rich compost.

Revolutionize the way you deal with waste while giving back to earth.


Of food goes uneaten

63 Millions Tons

Of food are trashes annually in U.S.

One Sixth

Of Methane Emissions from food in Landfill

$2OO Billion

Is wasted on production and delivery of food sent to Landfills

Compo Soil

Introducing Compo Soil, world's first Food Waste Composting Machine with Incredible features. Compo Soil takes care of your food waste so you can spend time on things you actually enjoy. Compo Soil turns food waste into dirt in as little as 3 hours with just one push of button.

Compo Soil creates compost using:
From waste to dirt in as little as 3 hours

Magic or Science? Compo Soil creates compost by using heat, abrasion, and good old oxygen!

No More food ends in landfills
No More Leaky Garbage
No More Smelly Bin/Trash
NO More Food Waste
compo soil makes composting easy!
1. Fill

Put all of your food scraps, coffee grounds, BioPlastics into Compo Soil.

2. Transform

Push the button and Compo Soil works its magic to breakdown your waste.

3. Reclaim

The soil Compo Soil makes can go into your indoor plants, your garden, your green bin, or even into the garbage.

Mother Nature Recycles

We built this design to help promote greener households and to show the world a better way to discard food; one that actively gives back to mother earth.

Specifications of Compo Soil
Treats 90% of Food Waste

Anything can go into Compo Soil; Fruits, Vegetables, Food, Meat, even Bio-Plastics!

Giving Back

Compo Soil is built to turn whatever food waste you throw at it into fresh, nutrient-rich soil. We aim to revolutionise the way our world handles waste, and it starts with each of us.

Convenient Setup

Compo Soil will arrive at your door ready to get to work. You won’t have to worry about any complicated installation process.


You’ll be forgiven for thinking that a waste composting machine would produce some not-so-great smells, but that’s not the case with Compo Soil! Powerful insulation and deodorising functions are able to keep your space odor-free from start to finish.

Quick Process

In as little as three hours, you’ll have a fresh heap of nutrient-rich soil ready to give back to the earth. This practice will soon become a fulfilling habit that keeps your home and our planet cleaner all at the same time!

Now it's easy to make a positive impact

Using Compo Soil twice a week can reduce your waste footprint by 50%. Compo Soil will have the equivalent impact of:


million trees planted each year


thousand fewer pounds of coal burned


million less miles driven

Compo Soil barely makes sound

Compo Soil can work while you and your family sleep. Compo Soil makes less sound than most household appliances.

Compo Soil is energy efficient

Compo Soil was built to be extremely energy efficient - we're trying to save the planet after all!

If you run Compo Soil twice a week for a year, it will consume less than 1/5th of the energyof an EnergyStar certified refrigerator.

Compo Soil can fit in any kitchen

Having so much space on countertop. We designed Compo Soil optimize space. It is only 15''×11''×12", but can hold up to 3litres of waste.

Compo Soil SOLVES EVERYONE'S food waste problems
Compo Soil is better than home Garbage Bin

If you are in a hurry, use Compo Soil's to reduce the volume of your waste and break down the compounds that would be released as methane in a landfill.

Compo Soil gives your garden Superpowers!

Compo Soil is able to retain the majority of your food's nutrients and pass them back to the soil in your garden or potted plants.

Compo Soil is what your Green Bin wishes it was!

Certified compostable Bioplastics are gaining popularity for use in packaging and single-use items.

Compo Soil makes dealing with waste so simple you'll start looking forward to it!
No more mystery kitchen smells

Carbon filters trap odors and keep your home smelling fresh

Never deal with leaky bags again

The dishwasher safe stainless steel bucket can hold up to 3L of waste

So easy anyone can help you

Compo Soil has just one button. How easy is that?

protect the planet

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