About Us

Bring the World a way to reduce Food Waste and Save Our Planet

Compo Soil is a countertop grinder for organic household food waste. The product was designed to help reduce the amount of potent methane gas that is expelled into the air, compared to merely placing food waste into landfills.
Compo Soil produces ready-to-use, nutrient rich compost that can be used for all indoor and outdoor plants and flowers – making it the ultimate gift for gardeners and environment lovers.


Our Core Values

We are a pro sports team

We work hard to help people to understand the impact on the planet due to the rising food waste issue and help them to reduce Food Waste by offering our Innovative Design which turns Food Waste into Compost. As a team, we’re in this together and help each other out wherever we can.

We’re obsessed over our customers

We’re passionate about the planet and passionate about our customers. They are our experts and guide us every step we take.


We don’t do crap

We are honest and always stick to our promises. We don’t do blah blah, and always back up our claims with data and evidence.


We’re human, No robot

Automation and robotics are great, as long as it doesn’t prevent real human contact.

We evolve immediately

We are eager to learn and deliberately step out of our comfort zones. We love feedback to help us grow as individuals and as a team.